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Seems like this community needs a jumpstart, as the last post was September 15.

If anyone out there still reads this, I'd be interested in talking about a topic that focuses not on art made by man, but on nature's form of artwork: the creatures that live here.

What I'm wondering is that if all of you feel that Darwin's theory of evolution, or some sort of evolution theory is universally accepted as an explanation for the world, and if you feel it is, is it right to try to classify everything, or is it better to let it simply exist?

Waiting for your thoughts.

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i have a problem.
theres an essay due in about a week on art in a domestic environment, that together with another essay makes up 30% of my passing grade for art this year.
to get it done, i need your help. i'll beg if i have to, but not now. :P

Under the cut are ten teeeny tiny questions on the topic of my essay. it would be so greatly appreciated if you could answer them, and help me out.
the questions are anonymous, no names will be recorded, just age, sex, and possibly location ((am undecided about location yet)). if you feel uncomfortable with providing this information on livejournal, you can email me at if there are questions that you dont want to answer, you dont have to, but as much information as can be provided would be fantastic.

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im going for as many answers as possible, so this might be crossposted a bit. forgive me if this pops up two or three times, but i need these answers like chocolate in the mornings.
any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
thanks :)
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And then there were three.

i looked here cause i liked the name.
im joining cause i like what i see, and im always up for supporting new communities.
i dont have much to post, but i'll be reading and commenting, and every now and then i'll even write something.
cheers :)

and now your heart beats stronger

i love the way you breathe,
and you lovely cautious eye
and how your every waking moment
does make me touch the skies

and i love it that you chose me,
and i feel that i'm alive,
and i'm sure that this is it,
the end to useless nights,

the end to anxious suffering,
i think you know it's true
that now i'm truly wonderful
perfection comes in two's

and now your heart beats stronger, dear
and now your heart beats stronger, dear
and now your heart beats stronger as it
feeds your swollen lips,
your swollen lips,
your shaking knees,
your shaking knees.

how wonderful the first time.


if the universe is so infinite
than you must be the center of it
vent and rant and cry you must,
(you must be the center of it)

it all comes to you, child cry child,
it all comes down, tantrums wild,
uncontrolled, deniable
admist a vicious rage, child,
you must be the center of it
you must be the center of it
you must be the center of it
it all comes down to you...

and if the universe is infinte,
than we all are just the center of it,
east and west and north to south
equivalent in the eyes of God,

open your hands accept your fate,
you really are the center of it.
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cold and damp and
ravaged and i lay,
perused by the passerby,
confide in me
sweet benchmark of a time
where pain felt more painful,
now let me hear of it
(it's beautiful, they bled a stronger crimson).
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to Grandmother

casting away, and fleeting,
they go, we go,
we dance, they dance,
make ripples make waves,
carnations dance on the waves.

what of this "wasting away?"
there's nothing left to waste,
and you left us long ago, you know,
you left us long ago.

you did so much for me, you know,
you did so much for me,
you taught me how to breathe,
you protected me from the world,
i remember when i hugged you last,
and i cried, i did, and
you didn't understand (i think you had gone)
and this was our goodbye, my grandmother,
and this was the way of the world.

and the helpless have the power,
i wish i had power,
so to you i placed your flowers
(fleeting, i know),
and they dance along the waves of the waters
you tried to make a ripple in.

i'm not so helpless you know,
so to you i float away...
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