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i have a problem.
theres an essay due in about a week on art in a domestic environment, that together with another essay makes up 30% of my passing grade for art this year.
to get it done, i need your help. i'll beg if i have to, but not now. :P

Under the cut are ten teeeny tiny questions on the topic of my essay. it would be so greatly appreciated if you could answer them, and help me out.
the questions are anonymous, no names will be recorded, just age, sex, and possibly location ((am undecided about location yet)). if you feel uncomfortable with providing this information on livejournal, you can email me at if there are questions that you dont want to answer, you dont have to, but as much information as can be provided would be fantastic.


Where do you live?
What kind of housing (eg flat, attic or mansion)?
Are there others living with you?

What kind of artwork is present in your house? (Can be anything, drawings, sculptures, knickknacks bought on holiday, anything on display)
What’s your favourite? (Please describe in as much detail as possible)
How did it come to be in your house? (A gift, a family heirloom, you bought it somewhere?)
If it was bought, can you tell me where and why? (You liked the colour, could relate to it, it had significance to aspects of your life)

Why do you think art is important in the home?

im going for as many answers as possible, so this might be crossposted a bit. forgive me if this pops up two or three times, but i need these answers like chocolate in the mornings.
any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
thanks :)
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