Richard F. (dickymon) wrote in asuddencollapse,
Richard F.

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to Grandmother

casting away, and fleeting,
they go, we go,
we dance, they dance,
make ripples make waves,
carnations dance on the waves.

what of this "wasting away?"
there's nothing left to waste,
and you left us long ago, you know,
you left us long ago.

you did so much for me, you know,
you did so much for me,
you taught me how to breathe,
you protected me from the world,
i remember when i hugged you last,
and i cried, i did, and
you didn't understand (i think you had gone)
and this was our goodbye, my grandmother,
and this was the way of the world.

and the helpless have the power,
i wish i had power,
so to you i placed your flowers
(fleeting, i know),
and they dance along the waves of the waters
you tried to make a ripple in.

i'm not so helpless you know,
so to you i float away...
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