darwin's smoking gun (asuddencollapse) wrote,
darwin's smoking gun


we always leave impressions on the times we spend
the time we spent was glorious.
impressions on the matress, are you still sleeping?
i wish i was sleeping,

i wish i had the foritude to withstand the blows you gave to me
to withstand fate and life and everything between
do you feel the impressions aphrodite?
you struck me where it hurts the most.

is it over before it begins? i wish it was over, just make it over,
or just make it last, i want it to last,
half-past two, sitting up thinking, do you think about me?
i want to see my aphrodite...

do you want to be my aphrodite,
to be my life, my all my one
and sit up while the world sleeps
and count the stars, which is your star?
which is your dream? you know they're dreams
suspended in the fabric of a time long past,
you'll make me live forever.

do you wish you weren't there? where you are (unaware)
where are you? i want to be there.
these words are brittle, confusing and weak,
and i wish i had more will to live.
i never was good at it but it doesn't mean i hat e it.
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